Love, Unity & Abundance for ALL

There is a major shift happening...

WE are moving...



...for ALL.

Everything MUST CHANGE to

Support "The SHIFT"

We are shifting towards Love, Unity and Abundance for ALL.
Will this shift be easy? No.
However this shift is occurring and we must WORK TOGETHER to find our way forward.


in your life, right here & right now
💚 Relationships 💞

We strive to improve our relationships, settle our differences and work together.

💚 Business 💼

We move towards collaboration, cooperation and doing what we love.

💚 Self 🥰

We consciously explore improving ourselves in ways that support this shift.


Communication + UNITY = CommUNITY
🕊️ Inclusive 🤗

We are open minded and accepting of ALL PEOPLE as-is - for the collective good of all.

🕊️ Collaboration 🤝

We explore ways to work together towards the betterment of humanity.

🕊️ Understanding 👍

We seek to understand others from their perspective - agreement is optional.


ALL Basic Needs are Met, for ALL
🌿 FOOD 🥗

Healthy, nourishing, restorative foods are available and accessible - to ALL!


Clean, nourishing, restorative drinking water is available and accessible - to ALL!


Housing that meets all of a human's basic needs are available - to ALL!

This is Just "The START"

the foundational shift

These 9 Core Elements are just a start – all systems will change, as we move forward.

Grass Roots & Bottom Up


This is up to us.  And TOGETHER, WE CAN and WILL each do our part.

You probably have some questions:

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Simply put, PROJECT: Restoration.EARTH is a collective of individuals and businesses that support “The SHIFT” towards Love, Unity, & Abundance for ALL and Restoring HOPE (Humanity On Planet Earth).

We follow the Conscious Evolution Blueprint which is an active and expanding structure. We see that this shift starts with each of us and involves all of us. If this resonates with you, we invite you to explore “getting involved”.

It is time. Everything is changing on this planet – we are moving into a new era: New Earth is our way forward. The ways of the “old world” are no longer “needed”. We each may differ on the details of this shift, however we can all agree, everyone wants love, unity (community) and abundance (basic needs met and beyond). This is a movement on how we ALL can (and will) get there – not just the elite few.

We each need to do our part. This is a collective mission – you are invited to do your part. We are here to help guide you and offer suggestions on what that might look like for you specifically. Your NEXT STEP available to you now is filling out the Get Involved intake form below – if you choose. And please only do that if you feel “called”.

“By the people, for the people” – it all starts with you. YOU MATTER. Your opinion matters. And TOGETHER – WE ARE POWERFUL.

GRASS ROOTS: The term “grassroots” refers to the basic level or foundation of a movement or organization, typically originating from the ordinary people or general public rather than from the leadership or elites. It often implies a bottom-up approach, where ideas, support, or initiatives come from the community or individuals at the local level rather than being imposed from higher authorities. Grassroots movements are often characterized by their decentralized structure and a focus on community involvement and participation.

BOTTOM UP: “Bottom-up” refers to an approach or perspective that starts at the lowest or most fundamental level and builds upward. In various contexts, it can describe a process, organization, or decision-making method that begins with individual or local components and gradually forms a larger structure. This is in contrast to a “top-down” approach, which starts with overarching principles or decisions made by higher authorities and is then implemented at lower levels. A bottom-up approach often emphasizes grassroots involvement, local initiatives, and individual contributions shaping the overall outcome.

Yes. Individuals, groups, organizations, and businesses are all addressing different aspects of the restoration – within this project and outside of it. This is a global, decentralized initiative that has been taken on by many.

Fill out the “Get Involved” form below.  Select “Restoration NEWS Updates” under “I AM interested in:”.

We are a global decentralized collaboration. Restoration.EARTH is just one facet of a massive movement – The HOPE (Humanity On Planet Earth) Movement.


Is how we will restore earth.

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